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Every start is born through an idea. Oftentimes this idea forms the solution to a problem that you identified. There might be a problem that you are constantly thinking about and all of a sudden it hits you: you got the solution right in front of your eyes and you ask yourself how to take this further.
Could it be a real business? How can you tell if your idea is good enough?Let me give you some guidance in this very exciting phase of evaluating and conceptualizing your idea!

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Who is Moh!

Loved Technologies and Media in a very young age .
Managed Sports designs forum for startimes2.com at 15 years old .
Finished his Civil Engineering Master in 2015 from Mostaganem University.
Managed construction projects in Algeria .
After graduation , Moh challenged himself to develop his passion for Web technologies and Media where he decided to move to United States .
Attend DevCodeCamp for a Full stack Developement course in 2018 .

Familiar with HTML5 CSS3 Javascript c# ASP.net MVC core|SQL Entity Framework| Wordpress| Photoshop Illustrator premiere pro !

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Moh is learning PHP & React.js !

Good design is finding that perfect balance
between the way something looks and how it functions.


Understand the client’s subject matter completely and build on the knowledge related to it, becoming intimately familiar with the subject matter. Determine methods to address the specific customer’s needs and requirements.


Misleadingly thought of as the superficial appearance of a product, design actually encompasses a lot more. It is a cross functional process that includes market research, technical research, design of a concept, and prototype mockup.


Findings from the research and design phases are utilized for the production of specific products including materials, systems, and methods. Engineer utilizing the research and designs to produce commercial products for the customer.

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